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In Provence, for centuries, the lavandieres washing clothes in laundries or rivers for the most wealthy clients. They used the Marseille soap and scented linen with Lavender. It's a tribute to this expertise and this symbol of luxury that we chose to name our brand : Lavandière de Provence.


The founders


Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Jeanette was a business lawyer in Stockholm before moving to Provence, France. In love with France and its quality cosmetics, she decided to partner with Cyril Gombert to create a brand that not only captured the spirit and essence of Provence but also paid homage to her Scandinavian roots by adopting a pure and modern design.

Cyril Gombert

Born in Marseille, France, vice-president of the Calanques National Park. Cyril worked with Jeanette to create Lavandière de Provence. In love with nature and Provence, Cyril wanted the brand to be both an ambassador for the Provence region and a reflection of his passion for sustainable development.

The spirit of the brand


Lavandière de Provence represents the style of Paris (elegant and minimal) and the fine ingredients of Provence (natural and bright). LP’s single minded attitude to its ingredients creates an elegant simplicity to its products. Each of LP’s products are a celebration of its fine ingredients. 

The visual approach uses them in their natural form to create a visual representation of each product. A simple and visually elegant execution, showcased confidently within a contemporary white frame to add Parisian sophistication to the story.

A common dream brought the two founders together: creating sustainable cosmetics with a modern design and respect for the environment.  The spirit of the brand Lavandière de Provence can be summerised in one sentence: “Natural Provence on the inside, Parisian chic on the outside”. 


Innovation for healthier products is one of Lavandière de Provences main objectives.

4% of its annual budget is dedicated to research and development to improve product formulas and discover new properties in plants growing in Provence.

Quality Made in Provence, France

25% of the world’s cosmetics are produced in France, a country which is famous all over the world for the outstanding quality of its cosmetics.

The "Made in France"  stamp  is also recognised worldwide  to be synonymous with luxury and the French lifestyle. Lavandière de Provence has taken the know-how of "Made in Provence"  for the cosmtics and  quality of "Made in France" to offer its customers the best quality for the best price.

LP focus on quality in all stages of the production process, from product development and formulation to commercial production. LP are dedicated to provide premium quality products to its customers.


Lavandière de Provence use local producers to make its supply chain as short as possible.

LP use a s much as possible natural ingredients (vegetal oils, essential oils,….) to reduce the use of potentially polluting chemical ingredients.

This way, LP are able to maintain control over the production process but also reduce its impact on the climate and the environment through shorter transports and less pollution.

LP reuse 80 % of the boxes pallet and 100 % of the pallets of our suppliers to reduce its waste.

LP propose refills for all its products packed in glass bottles to enable its customers to reuse the flasks instead of throwing them away.

LP are giving back 1% of our annual revenues to National or Regional parks located in Provence as a contribution to the preservation of Nature and wild life in its region.

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postal contact

Lavandière de Provence SAS
106 Avenue de la Fourragère; 13012 Marseille; France


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+ 33(0)491 44 35 60


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+ 33(0)491 44 35 60